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Michael Jia received his Bachelor degree in Digital Film Making from the School of Animation in the Communication University of China, and then he took his further education in Multimedia and Entertainment Technology in the School of Design of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. After obtaining his MSc degree, he stayed in Hong Kong and started his career in the related industry.

During the working period, Michael has gained the experience on the production side of filmmaking, animation and gaming. Then he started a visual studio called MicA Digital, aiming at producing impressive visual works. With strong interests in the integration of the technology and visual art, Michael devotes himself to exploring the new forms of the filmmaking using new technology.

Research Title
A Study on the Integration of 3D Digital Technologies in the Context of Holographic Production as a New Generation of Films and Entertainments

Dr. Gino Yu

About the Research
This research will focus on a technology oriented investigation on the integration of possible digital techniques on media production, including next generation of films, with improved visual effects and interactions in 3 dimensional spaces. Holography as a potential new technology will be extensively researched in this integration.

Holography is not only limited to cutting edge sciences anymore. It is being widely used in everyday life such as credit cards, bills, visa etc. Logos and trademarks are secured against counterfeiting by holograms (Holography: A Practical Approach, by Gerhard K. Ackermann, Jurgen Eichler). In recent years, some video experiments and showcases are made by holography. It is becoming more and more popular and it will definitely change the way in which videos are produced and presented.

The following objectives are to be addressed in this research:

  • Build up an understanding of the theoretical background of film technology;
  • An investigation on the progress of 3D digital techniques and how they have been used in various 3D productions in the media industry in Hong Kong;
  • The development of an ontology or a formulation of aesthetic and conceptual representation as a knowledge framework with which these technologies are identified as tools that can be integrated;
  • Using holographic production as an example to build a platform to support the creation of more interactive experiences in educational context of design;
  • Establish several application cases with which the developed framework and platform can be tested and evaluated to support a kind of new media design and production in Hong Kong and beyond.