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Ah Fa (阿發) is a typical white-collar cat, he began to lose himself and resigned his job. Care from his family only add tremendous stress to him. Ah Fat moved away from home, and caged in order to escape from the reality. Ah Fat decided to join the class reunion to break the status.He began to memorise the past.

At last, he realised that no sweet without stress. The success of his classmates are built on hard work. Everyone takes certain level of stress , but life must go on. He stepped out of his own circle (the cage) and finally reconnected with his family.

阿發是一隻典型白領貓,畢業後勞勞碌碌的工作,阿發開始迷失自我,不知道工作意義何在,萬念俱灰下辭職,家人的關心更令阿發倍感壓力,只有離家出走搬到籠屋逃避現實,一直不去找工作,在籠中過著頹廢的生活,雖然心中知道必須要改變現況,但又沒有勇氣踏出第一步。直至舊同學舉行同學會,阿發決定試一試,或許會有機會突破現況。看到老火湯後開始回憶,最後他醒覺同學成功的背後也有辛勞的一面, 走出自己的圈圈,最後重新聯絡家人。

Supervising Tutor:Step Cheung

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