Lusha Huang

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BFA, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts
MFA, School of Visual Arts

Research Title
Enhancing the Digital Products Experience for Vision-imparied People using Empathic Design

Dr Hanna Wirman (Chief Supervisor)
Prof Kin Wai Michael Siu (Co-supervisor)

About the Research
The project objective is to assess and to elucidate the needs of visually-impaired people in order to propose innovative solutions to enhance their experience in the digital world. Empathy would be the core value and the main point of departure throughout the research. I will focus on the facilitation of traveling by adding interesting elements for visually-impaired people since independent traveling is the most crucial activity for visually impaired people. In this project, the intuitive ability to identify with the thoughts and feelings of visually impaired and to recognize their mental models, and values will be the key.

Research Methology and Results/ Outcomes