Louie T. Navarro

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BFA, Interior Design, University of Santo Tomas;
MA, Art Studies major in Art Theory and Criticism, University of the Philippines

Research Title

The Perfection of the Interior Render: Reconsidering Representations in Interior Design and its Impact on Thinking, Practice, and Policy

Dr. Gerhard Bruyns (Chief Supervisor)
Peter Benz (External Co-supervisor)

About the Research 
The objective of this study is twofold. Primarily aimed at expanding Interior Design’s space within the academe, I will first look into providing a theoretical underpinning for the Interior Design profession grounded in the ways of representing design, especially computer-aided rendering of interior spaces that had become a necessity in today’s practice. Focusing on how representations of the interior relate to the other arts and their processes, I will argue for these renderings’ perfection of the design idea which then elevates the profession to be at par with the fine arts. In relation to this, the second objective of this study is to investigate how in today’s digital age where the consumption of ideas makes the ‘real’ secondary, such sophisticated representations are not only crucial for the said consumption, but may ultimately be changing the very idea of home itself—with home being that which gave the profession its provenance.

Research Methodology and Results/ Outcomes