Lorraine Ho

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Communication Design / Illustration

I create images and text exploring emotions, ideas and culture.

My work is characterised by a deep interest in human connection. I believe that in the present age, designers have the responsbility of bringing honesty and warmth to everyday, ordinary interactions. Right now, more than ever, design can be a conscious act of love.


Break Open

In modern society, people are commonly used to suppressing negative emotions, and see being vulnerable (risking exposure) as a sign of weakness. Psychologists however had recently begun a new discussion on the concept of vulnerability as an essential part of emotional wellbeing.  I was particularly inspired by the work of Dr. Brené Brown, whose approach to the topic moved me deeply.

Through a series of experimental illustration, I aimed to introduce the public to the positive side of this topic, as well as explore the journey a person can take to accept vulnerability, improve emotional health and move towards growth. 

The objective was to provide a viewing experience that will influence the audience to re-think their approaches with self / other relationships. 

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