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PhD Title

Mapping the landscape ecology sustainability of Pearl River Delta with a Bayesian Belief Network Model


landscape ecology, Bayesian Belief Network Model, Pearl River Delta

Research Abstract

This research will aim to firstly map the delta landscape on the dual scales of space and time, and secondly map the "functional characteristics" (sustainability) of the delta landscape by constructing a Bayesian Belief Network Model. A systematic analysis and evaluation of the landscape and ecology of the Pearl River Delta in combination with three dimensions including time, space, and "function" will then be carried out. To the best of my knowledge, there are few literatures that map the landscape of the delta based on the dual dimensions of time and space. Furthermore, up to now, hardly have the researchers focused on the evaluation of delta landscapes in terms of the combination of multiple scales including time, space and "functionality"

Research Methodology

Part 1: General Introduction of PRD;

Part 2: Map the delta landscape of PRD in both the temporal and spatial scale;

Part 3: Map the “functionality” (Sustainability) of delta landscape of PRD;

Part 4: Comparative analysis and Correlation analysis;

Results / Outcomes

1. Generate the temporal and spatial maps of PRD landscape with morphological information.
2. Generate a sustainability index mapping of PRD landscape by means of establishing a BBN model.
3. Combining temporal, spatial, and "functional" (sustainability) insights to explore the internal connection between systems.
4. Based on the above results, obtain valuable insights for the delta landscape and ecological protection through systematic summary and analysis.


Bachelor of Engineering (BE), Beijing Forestry University;

Master of Science Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences (MSc), Technische Universiteit Delft;


Mr. Peter HASDELL  (Chief Supervisor)

Dr. Markus MERNLI (Co-supervisor)

Specialization / Interests

Urban Morphology, Spatial Planning, Landscape ecology, Resilience, Spatial Analysis

Date of Completion

September 2021