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A man is the product of his environment, and I have the fortune of being exposed to a myriad of different industries, having the fortune of working with excellent mentors and multi-disciplinary, organic teams on a large variety of projects. I have contributed to User Experience related projects in consumer computing, Aesthetic and Sports Design in the action toy business, and I have a growing appreciation and experience in designing for the exciting, booming consumer 3D printing community.

Co-Founder and Design Executive of Baëlf Design; together with Fashion Artist Jamela Law, we specialise in exploring new, adventurous expressions of form and material through innovative applications of craft and technology.

Winner of Play A Bag Design Competition 2018 organised by the Material Resource Centre, with the entry 'Toujours Fleur'.


Interactive Proxemics – Le Fantôme Papillon

Interactive Proxemics

Proxemics is defined as "the study of the use of space by human beings in a particular culture." A typical pattern might explain how the arrangement of physical elements in space discourages or encourages conversation or interaction. Proxemics is used to describe the cultural distinctions between intimate, personal, social and public space. In this course, students have developed 4 prototype designs that will each have the capacity to exhibit interactive sociofugal and sociopetal abilities.

In this course Embedded Interaction Workshop led by Visiting Professor Michael Fox, four groups of Interaction Design (MDes) students present their intelligently responsive kinetic structures and systems that create spaces and objects that can physically re-configure themselves to meet changing needs.

« Le Fantôme Papillon »

Walls separate.

Bring together.

Walls guide.

Listen, and they speak.

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Singapore 2040

LO Ka Kin, GAMMELGÅRD-LARSEN Anders, KURNIAWATI Arianni, SHI Qian Ying, WONG Zhen Jie Lionel

This project takes a speculative look at life in Singapore in 2040 through the eyes of our protagonists, Norm Aw and Nordin Ari. Artificial Intelligence has become an unavoidable consequence of development, influencing all aspects of their lives. We will witness how they are affected, for worse or for better, to predict what society might be like in an AI-dominated future.

Singapore is very capitalistic and highly competitive even in the future, and became a global capital for AI development. The integration of such technologies become so widespread that only AI engineers remain relevant and valued, while other professions become obsolete. The extreme competition for jobs in AI industries leads to burnouts and suicide, and the capitalistic market system increases the separation between the rich and poor.

From present to the future, Singapore remains the forefront of technological implementation and innovation, and AI use is widespread in government and corporations.

A new generation of altruistic leaders takes special care to enforce a humanistic and sustainable approach in their policies. Designers and engineers, in turn, devote more effort to creating socially responsible projects to further benefit society, as AI and automation will take over the mundane tasks of formulative design work.

Subject: SD5012 Future Contexts for Design
Tutor: WILLIS Anne-Marie

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