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Mr Giovanni Lion


PhD Title
Concept Formation in Computational Creativity: a Comparative Study of Algorithmic Approaches

Concept formation, Computational Creativity, Artificial Intelligence

Research Abstract
This doctoral thesis addresses the latest advancements in machine learning architectures for creative artifact generation through the lenses of Design, Philosophy and Cognitive Science. The research adopts a trans-disciplinary approach, looking for opportunities to decompartmentalize knowledge. In a not-so-distant future, technology will allow us to generate large amounts of high-quality content with little effort. This will have a profound impact on the way we consume content, and it will also have a significant impact on the way we value creativity. The research addresses the implications of this technological shift by studying the effects these new tools have in the creative process.

Key Publications

Miller, M., Lion, G. 2021. Reflecting Through the Photo’s Un-making. In: Bruyns, G., Wei, H. (eds) [ ] With Design: Reinventing Design Modes. IASDR 2021. Springer, Singapore. DOI:

Giovanni Lion. 2021. Concept Formation in Computational Creativity: a Comparative Study of Algorithmic Approaches. In Creativity and Cognition (C&C '21). Association for Computing Machinery, New York, NY, USA, Article 67, 1–5. DOI:

BSc – Bocconi University
MSc – Bocconi University
MSc – The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Prof. dr. dr. Johan Hoorn (Main)

Specialization / Interests
Algorithmic Composition, Generative Art, Co-creative Systems, Generative Deep Learning