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A Research on Design thinking in Chinese Education

Design Thinking, Design Education, Chinese Education, Creativity, Innovation

Research Abstract
It is easy to notice the popularity of design thinking in the global scenario. Since the world is facing unprecedented challenges in various domains like economics, technology, social and personal levels, everyone’s knowledge would never be enough to solve these problems. These disciplines open up new opportunities for synergetic cross-disciplinary research and practice.

Also, Recent years witnessed dramatic changes in the traditional model to new knowledge and information economy, which have new requirements for employees. It is obvious that people who can adapt, see connections, innovate, communicate and work with others are in dominant position of job hunting. Abilities like creativity, teamwork, social skills and communication are higher considered in business community. Nurturing these abilities are essential in education system.

In order to foster students’ creativity, a systematic curriculum and teachers with appropriate teaching methods are needed. Our traditional education generally developed on studio, which use project-based learning as the main teaching method. Students form their thinking and problem-solving style from doing projects while design thinking are human centric, considering people as the first focus. If students didn’t experience design thinking training, they are less likely to accept the non-linear process to redefine and to solve nowadays problems more effectively. This conventional education system needs to be advanced with design thinking approach.

However, researches conducted in Chinese community/society on design thinking are not holistic and comprehensive. Despite they have names related to design thinking, if these papers go through scrutiny, faults and flaws are easily exploited. Are they using the appropriate Design Thinking teaching approach? This is a problem that they leave. The historical reason of this issue, is that most of Chinese design teachers don’t have a holistic understanding of design thinking, so their teaching method is not systematic and effective. Design, still is not a very well developed discipline in Chinese education. This direction deserves further study.

Master of Art (Information Art design), Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China;
Bachelor of Art (Visual Communication Design), Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua Univeristy, Beijing, China
Chief Supervisor
Dr. Henry Ma
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Design Thinking, Design Education, Creativity