Wan Ki LI

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The infinity of imagination 無盡的幻想

The project is questioning the general public’s attitude to the mental disables. Why they must force themselves to obey the typical lifestyle instead of complying with their natural instinct? As in most cases, they are stressed to be isolated and are unwilling to be changed, while their disordered behavior is not harmful to the community. An mentally accessible environment is invented in the project, allowing the disables to live in their imaginative world, and treating their disorder as a game. Devices and micro-spaces are set up in the shared space in order to fit their specific scenarios and body movements, which allows them to enjoy their own lifestyle without limitations. This is an universal design, the devices and spaces also serve the daily life of the non-mental disables, so the two groups of people can live in their own ‘world’ without facing any conflicts and discrimination.


Supervising Tutor: Anneli Gienke

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