Sha Long LEUNG

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Sharon Leung, a product designer who specializes in user-centred design. She is a careful and responsible person and good at observing small details in daily life. She believes that observation can always help us to find other’s need which is essential to our society that requires more love, care, and empathy.

Keep challenging herself is her current state. She had been an exchange student in Furniture Design in Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Finland (2017 spring semester), and an intern in Design Labo, Tokyo, Japan (2017 summer). By stepping out of the comfort zone, she wants to explore her potential and build a multicultural mindset.

Design is to create links with sense. It involves making both emotional and rational decisions that eventually make users feel good. It is not created from zero but combined different elements in a proper way. She believes there can be tons of solutions to a design problem, but only with a perfect balance of all the design elements can it be a good design.



Transyware is a new set of in-flight food service ware which aims to create a better dining and user experience for users including not only passengers but also flight attendants in an eco-friendly and user-friendly way.

Targeting economy class in traditional airlines, it is aimed to maximize the possibility of having a delight air meal experience. By reducing the single-use packaging and material used for the tray, this simple structure can provide a clear using flow without struggling to place the plastic packaging and with a better dining mood.

This transparent plastic in-flight food ware rearranges dishes into a more geometric way with considering the eating step of a meal. Bread, butter and jam are placed on the top layer while salad and dessert are placed underneath. Therefore the matt black plate also acts a lid that eliminates the thin plastic lid generally used in the economic meals nowadays. This delight material contrast is aimed to fit different types of dishes and make the food look more attractive.

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