Ming Wai LEUNG

2 Projects


As an Interactive Media Designer, I started some startup project as a UI/UX designer in May 2016. The scope of my duties design all the user interface of the mobile app and website in order to give a good user experience and interact with the user in the process. Also, I would be thinking about how the mobile app and website connect with marketing, which related to my position.


One-stop platform for urban farming - Unifarm

Unifarm, a smart and intelligent product, including mobile application and smart device, to engage the people to farm and make farming more interaction. Providing a platform for people to share their experience, make our green city in Hong Kong.

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Our project is going to offer a solution to the type 2 diabetic who has just been diagnosed with diabetes. Hong Kong middle-aged patients have a lack of information on the method of diabetes health management. To help people with diabetes live with illness and manage their health care through the game-based journey. Our project will provide the get-started kit set that combines gaming and horticultural treatment. Therefore, people with diabetes can handle the health problem in a fun way. This product will make a significant difference to new diabetic suffers.

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