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Kevin is a fresh graduate student with a bachelor degree in Product design. He believes design is not about problem solving, it is about creating a possible future. His projects mainly focus in a context, human interaction and user experience. 

In 2015, he received two awards and the opportunity to enter final rounds of three international competitions. The winning projects were: Formicary Chair won a Certificate of Excellence at A&D Trophy Awards 2015; Turning Chair was named Winner at INDUSTART; and Quartz was selected as a Finalist at LAMP.

In 2015 summer vacation, he worked for MisoSoupDesign company in Taiwan as design intern. In this summer internship, he contributed to handling most of the job related to furniture and home accessories design. The main internship project “Nekoron” was developed into production.

For his final year project, he has designed a delivery device for the existing delivery service in Hong Kong. 



This project is designing delivery device based on the existing delivery system in Hong Kong. The device allows workers to provide better organization of packages and enhance the safety of the delivery process.

Due to the online shopping trend, the demand of delivery service is increasing quickly, Workers need to deliver large numbers of  package everyday. Numbers of people who bought expensive and luxury items through online shop increased by 28% in 2015, suchas Rolex, Apple and other luxury items , the demand of services’ reliability is needed. However, the existing delivery process and equipment may not suitable to deliver the high-end products.

Due to the increasing workload and service requiement, the service performance is difficult to manage. Customers are not satisfied with the existing service due to some delivery issues, including tangible safety issue, intangible perception of damage and shipping delay.

In the existing protocol, company doesn't give any delivery guideline to workers. Workers only can manually plan the route and sort out packages based on their rule of thumb. However, routing and sorting arethe important pre-deliver works in the delivery process, variable quality of preparation work creates extra works and the risk of safety issue in the later process. 

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This project is designing storage furniture in the common area. The storage feature provide a secure space for people to store their personal belongings. It can be used in places like restaurants, a café or a library. 

Designers observed that people usually occupy another chair with their bag.The act may be considered impolite and, if there were no extra chair provided, they would simply put it behind their backs or hang the bag on their chair. This decreases the comfortable feeling of a chair and allows for their things to be easily stolen. 

Designers researched existing chair designs and found that, in most designs, the bottom part just serves as a support and is home to lost space. Then, we thought of putting the storage feature in the bottom part of the formicary chair. The chair legs will not only support the weight, but also provide a secure place for users to keep their belongings.

The inspiration is driven by an ant nest structure. Designers found that the ant will transport food down to the nest and that it is really difficult for those foods to be taken out. Even if we step on top of the ant nest, we will fail to destroy it. Designers took the inverted ‘S’ shape element, where users can slide their bags through the opening of the chair. The opening is big enough for putting things in of any size and there is a wraparound feature on both sides of the chair to prevent others from stealing things from the side. 

The proposed material is 3D veneer wood. It can be formed without crackingor tearing while a standard wood veneer is cut into tiny strips in order to bend the complex angles of the chair. Other than using the veneer, fiberglass is also a good choice for creatingthis one-piece object. This reinforced plastic is very strong and stiff and, surprisingly, the weight is very light.

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