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醒你呀媽! Mom, Stay Alert!

創作題材:內容農場   |   廣告客户:日本命力 強腦素

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Issue: Content farm    |   Advertiser: Meiriki JP - Platinum DHA 70

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Content farm articles are commonly found among social media in Hong Kong. However, those exaggerated content farm contents are mixed with factual and fabricated information without persuasive source, as to gain advertising revenue from the click rate by readers. According to the research, most of the readers are middle-aged women, they would like to browse and even share those content farm articles about health and social issues to their families. But their sons and daughters may get annoyed by that. Even though moms are meant to do it out of good intentions, but sons and daughters may not understand.

The product “Platinum DHA 70” produced by the advertiser Meiriki JP, is a dietary supplement for brain health which helps people to be smart. Based on the product feature, the project “Mom, stay alert!” allows sons and daughters to remind their middle-aged moms about the potential online scams happened on the Internet, including content farm articles. Most importantly, they are encouraged to think carefully before they believe in any online rumor. The advertiser also helps the middle-aged women to recharge the energy for the brain and stay alert on the Internet. Meanwhile, sons and daughters may turn the product as a good gesture to improve the relationships.

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