Kin Hang YUEN

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This is Leo Yuen. He thinks he is a programmer, but he wants to be a designer. He likes playing computer games, but he really likes to make computer games. He is seeking for someone who is good in drawing graphics, then combine with Leo's programmer skills, and create an awesome computer games finally.


Card Adventure 卡牌大冒險

Card Adventure is an interactive game that includes learning, entertainment and socializing features, to achieve the mission of "develop talents and complement weaknesses of dyslexic kids". It adopts Augmented Reality, multi-sensory learning and perceptual motor training to enhance their language ability and learning incentive. On the other hand, in interactive mode, general elderly plays the role to support the kid and defeat the enemy together by using AR cards. Such game learning experience enhances learning efficiency and intimacy and achieves intergenerational harmony.

Supervising Tutor: Dr. Newman Lau

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