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I am a deeply superficial person.


Request, if you have to sit. 要座,請開口。

"My advertising campaign aimed to change the seat offering behavior of Hong Kong passengers, by creating a new spirit of “Seat Requesting”.

Establishing the concept of “Seat offering”. I would like to encourage the passengers that “Request, if you have to sit.” to request for seats if they are in need, by educating them the concept of “Invisible Needy”, as there are so many invisible needy in our society, therefore we should not easily judge other by their appearances, and the concept of “Only you have duty to yourself”, as other passengers don’t have responsibility to know you have special need, only you have duty to your body. By implanting the audience the concept of the new spirit of seat requesting, so as to change their behavior from “waiting passengers to offer their seats” to “ request for seat and indicate their needs actively.”

Supervising Tutor: KC Tsang

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