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  • Brian, Lee Long Yin is a fresh designer in his industry. He was spending 8 years in collage to study Product Design. In past 8 years completed a higher diploma and Degree. He knew that, as reflected from our excessively growing and over-spending society, there are lot of cultures and techniques fading away. Through lifestyle product designs with social innovation, culture engagement and sustainable messages, it could help city people to reflect on their over-spending lifestyle. He would like to make use of his design, community engagement programme, as well as our universal language, music, to connect the world and gather people from different cultures.


ST3 - A suitcase for busking with built-in amplifier that morphs into a street stage.

The busking culture - or street performance - is blossoming in Hong Kong, despite the Hong Kong Government considering busking as begging. Pushed to the border of legality, buskers must operate in less than ideal circumstances. On top, the street artists are often doomed to use inappropriate means to transport their equipment. Classic luggage is not only inconvenient and cumbersome, they also fail offer the appropriate protection for the sometimes delicate equipment. 

“ST3 - Storage, Street and Stage” is the first bespoke luggage for the busker. First, ST3 provides storage tailored for the equipment of a busker such as the mic stand. Secondly, ST3 is designed to transport the heavy equipment in an easy way through the streets of Hong Kong’s rough urban landscape which is littered with stairs and broken pavements. And finally, in just a few seconds it morphs into a stage that is fully equipped with a light show and amplified sound

ST3 is the first all-rounded solution designed for street musicians to light up the city!

街頭表演就是等於行乞嗎? 在香港的道路使用權上有很多的灰色地帶。在香港街頭表演文化越來越盛行時,到底香港政府何時會有條例去保護這些街頭藝人呢?在另一邊廂,眼見現今的街頭藝人們經常使用一些不合適的行李箱運送他們的設備時使他們容易疲累。因此引發我去設計一個合適的產品給街頭藝人使用。ST3是一個集合舞台、行李箱及音箱於一身的產品。同時也希望他們可以成為城市中的亮光。

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