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Minus Waste

Waste issue is one of the hot issues that Hong Kong people have discussed recent years. According to the government, each HK people produced more waste than neighbour Asian cities. Recent years, HK government and some local organization have set up some Green Station to enhance the environmental education of the Hong Kong people and Reduce, Reuse and Recycle the waste.

My design is targeting those people who have the awareness but low motivation on practicing Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Using an mobile application while using the gamification to encourage them to practice more and learn more on this kinds of information.

The mobile application will remind the user to finish the missions, user can learn more and practice more green lifestyle related to 3R while using the application. Also, the the application will connect with the green station or recycle station. When the user finish the mission or recycle the materials, they can earn some points which allow them to exchange some incentive, like money cash coupon or daily necessary. This is Minus Waste.

Mind Our Waste, Minus Our Waste.

Supervising Tutor: Jeffrey Ho

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