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Designing for people and making better society. Social enterprises or companies always attempt to communicate positive messages to the society. I was excited to explore interesting ways to present them. Apart from the entity of design, I believe that kindness is the important essential attribute that could change the world. I therefore love to get along with different types of people and discover their inner beauty from them. I think there is at least one beautiful thing in each person that could not be found in me.

為人設計,使社會更好,正在尋找希望積極的信息傳達給社會的社會企業或公司。我很興奮能探索有趣的方式傳遞這些信息。除了設計本身,我相信善良是可以改變世界的重要特質。所以,我喜歡與不同的人相處,發現他們裡面的美麗,因為我認為我可以在每個人裡至少找到一種美麗, 是不可能在我身上找到的。



In both Chinese and English, the origin of the word “forgive” is about giving. Forgive can be seen as a gift. The world is designed to run in a “system of gifting”, as we can never be perfect and we need each other – Gifting brings people and our society together.


Sometimes it is hard for us to “gift”, especially when we are hurt. As a human, we usually back away and build a wall to protect ourselves rather than reaching out. This is a normal reaction to protect oneself from danger. However, human relationships are complicated as we can both hurt and love. Without the gift of forgive, our society, even the future generations might fall into a hatred cycle that affects the long-term benefi­ts of our society.



FORGIFT is a narrative project that aims to highlight the importance and misunderstanding of forgiveness. Through typographic composition and various paper textures, four true stories are presented to communicate the four most common misconceptions of forgiveness: forgiveness means forgetting; forgiveness is given only after repentance; forgiveness is a one-time affair; and forgiveness is weak.

FORGIFT asks, “What does it mean to forgive?” and seeks to realize a more peaceful society through the sharing of forgiving.


The underlying concept of this design is using giving and “gift” as the meaning of forgiveness. The final design presents a notion of the meaning of forgiveness. It needs to be given in order to turn our hurts into gifts for ourselves. For the visual concept, twill pattern with sewing ribbon is used as a visual element to present the message of connecting the hurts and knit into gifts.


無論是中文或英文, 「恕」 的字根是給予,饒恕/原諒可以被看為一份禮物。我們這個世界是在運行「送禮/給予制度」 的,因為我們不可能是完美的,我們需要彼此 — 「給予」聯繫了人和社會。


不過,有時候我們很難「送禮物」,尤其是當我們受到傷害時。作為一個人,我們通常會退避三舍,建造一堵牆保護自己, 這是免受危險的正常反應。然而,人與人之間的關係是複雜的,因為我們既可以傷害也可以愛。如果沒有「恕」這份禮物,我們的社會丶甚至下一代,可能會落入一個仇恨的循環,影響我們社會的長期利益 。


FORGIFT是一個敘事的設計項目, 強調饒恕的重要性和化解誤解。透過獨特的排版設計和各種紙張材質,呈現了四個真實故事的情感,從而解釋了對饒恕最常見的四種誤解:饒恕等於要遺忘;饒恕只能在道歉之後;饒恕只能給予一次;饒恕是軟弱的。




這個項目的設計概念利用了寬恕的含義— 「給予」和「禮物」 , 提出饒恕的意義— 我們必需要先「給予」,饒恕會把我們的傷害變為禮物。至於視覺概念上,絲帶縫紉形成斜紋圖案被用作視覺元素,表達縫合傷害丶針織成禮品的意思。

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