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Buildupright 護脊「成」鎮

According to a survey, there are probably 150000  schoolchildren in Hong Kong who suffer from "acquired scoliosis" because of incorrect posture. The number of new cases referred to orthopedic hospitals each year reaches 2,000. This is a serious problem.

Most children and parents do not know how to distinguish bad postures and left untreated, it may lead to severe spinal problem.Although Students health Service provides spinal checking and distributes leaflets to educate aged 10 years old or primary 5 students, the students do not have motivation to maintain good posture and keep doing exercise. What could someone do to help fight the spinal problems derive from bad posture? The solution is the gamified posture training, “Buildupright”. 

“Buildupright” is a part of the latest version of Community Chest Straighten Up School Campaign that is held by Children Chiropractic Foundation cooperates with Students Health Service. After primary 5-6 students joining the Student Health Service and attending regular physical check-up for scoliosis screening, spinal care reward plan will be started.  Students start to use this design to detect their spinal and form habits.

Supervising Tutor: Alex Ho

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