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I am LUK Kwai Chuen, a Hong Kong based visual communication designer. I do multimedia production which means I have skills in interface design, graphic design and print.

I graduated from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, School of Design with a Bachelor Degree of Art (Hons) in Visual Communication Design in 2014 and a Higher Diploma in Multimedia Design and Technology in 2011.


毒 | Addiction


We all have our own specific kind of addiction, and we keep on because we believed it is our soul of life, means of living. No matter how hard the circumstances have become, we will never give up, never surrender!

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Store Room Mobile App

This is an mobile application helps us managing our household storage. Users can scan the code of the groceries and input the expiry day to let the app keep record. The apps will keep tracking all items in our life that has an expiry date. Whether it is food, cleaning products, cosmetics, medicines and so on.

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New Life Mobile App

The app helps patients to record daily emotion and help tracking ones’ emotion health, furthermore to Provide methods when facing mental problems.

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25 Hills Type Project

A Green Hill Communications Limited is a local advertising agency. The project aims to make a typeface with the concept of green hills, objective is to present Green Hill is a company full of creativity and imagination.

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