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FYP_ Easeup (Shoulder Massage Device)


Easeup, which is a portable shoulder massage device. It is proposed to be used in the common Hong Kong living places. Since Hong Kong living area is not enough. As a result, our massage device is designed to be a handheld type. The target users are those 20 - 50 years old people who are always using computer or smart phones for work.

In order to help relaxation, not only the body need relaxation (muscle relives), but also the minds of the users. (Vision Therapy).So, our product appearance tries to use the natural motif, water, in order to help increase the relaxation level during the treatment.

Attractive special feature of our product

1. Rechargeable

2. Light weight

3. Portable

4. Helps increase concentration while working (Using a nitrogen-

   oxygen separation membrane)

5. Fit with different body size


Using Method

1. First, position the massage product on the body

2. Change the length of the belt in order to fit with different body


3. Open the power and chose the side that the massage device

   need to be started on the control panel

4. When you are tired, open the oxygen venting system for a more

   concentration mind during work.

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Product Semantic_ Salt & Pepper Bottle_Three Point

Special Features

- It stands on the table with only three points

- Different with the normal salt and pepper bottles that

 have curved surfaces. It composed mainly by rectangular

 shape. Sharp and outward feeling can easily be shown

- Act as an functional art piece in the dinning table

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Product Semantic_ Stationary_ComeForTape

Using Method:

1) Hold the upper part of the tape holder.

2) Pull the tape out in the above picture's direction and cut it with the blade. -> finished

 Special Features:

1. Ergonomic top place for comfortable holding of the product

2. The long rectangular part for good support of the hand   -> Easier to cut the tape

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