NG Keneth Labante

2 Projects


Fresh Graduate in Interactive media at PolyU, gear up with skills of User
Experience and integrated user feedback to generate different models
and chart, also in UI design, user behavior and visual thinking skills.
In the previous study, I had learned post production and simple FX,
plus creating tangible interface item, having simple programming skills.
I'm willing to learn more try more and accept the challenge!


One-stop service for Urban Farming

Nowadays, people love trying new things and new activities to achieve some goals and make their life more abundant. They could find more peers on an online discussion forum and share their experience with each other but their hobbies cannot further develop and become an expert become of lack of resource and support. They need a more powerful platform to back their activities in order to have well prepared, such as materials, location suggestion, and funding. This can facilitate some kind of activities, then make them from individual to organize and make those part-time hobbies to a full-time job.


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Our project is going to offer a solution to the type 2 diabetic who has just been diagnosed with diabetes. Hong Kong middle-aged patients have a lack of information on the method of diabetes health management. To help people with diabetes live with illness and manage their health care through the game-based journey. Our project will provide the get-started kit set that combines gaming and horticultural treatment. Therefore, people with diabetes can handle the health problem in a fun way. This product will make a significant difference to new diabetic suffers.

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