Kelly Yung

2 Projects


I am a Hong Kong based designer, who enjoys sketching, cultural, up-cycling and conceptualizing product design. I graduated from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University in Industrial Product Design in 2014.

Design Specialties:

Product Design
Industrial Design
3D Modeling
Design Research
Culture research

Views on Design

Design is everything that related to our daily life. It can be a process of problem solving between people, product and environment. It can make the difference also it can change the world. As rapid growth of the global economy and population in the past decade, limited earth resource will be soon depleted. In the limited resources world, as we are a future designer, what can we do to fully use this limited resource? Or how can we change the world? It can be a painful process, it can be joyful process. It depends on you. Up-cycling is a good for the earth and it means taking something that originally had a different purpose and making something new and better from it. Creating sustainable future, we need to design and take action.