Kei Man Leung

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Enjoy the way you choose and go all out, leave no regrets. 

Do your best, and God will do the rest!

No one can stop you to become what you want, the only one can stop you from doing it, is yourself.

I hope I am still living this.

I might not be a good artist, but what's really matter is the context.


The Outer

Lost in space.

Paolo is a cyborg prisoner. In 2108, The government decides to send him to the space to collect the data from the PTO1(the name of spaceship) which orbiting around a blue star. PTO1 starts its mission from 2007 and lost connection since they arrive the blue star. Paolo miss his city, so he creates a city model during the space journey. More importantly, Paolo believes he can earn people’s recognition by bringing back the new knowledge. 

On PTO1 there are two astronauts, the ship captain, Sarah and her husband, Arthur. Paolo found out the star can materialize the thing human wants. Sarah thinks this place is the Heaven in human understanding. Paolo would like to report this discovery to earth, but Sarah disagree. On the other hand, the appearance of Paolo affected Arthur to wonder what is the meaning of life.

Group Member: 

Chan Wai Tung Kenneth 

Lui Ho Yi Maureen

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