Kate Sangwon Lee

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BA, Seoul National University
MS, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Research Title
How social media design can induce users' behaviour to be socially responsible?

Dr Huaxin Wei (Chief Supervisor)
Dr Kenny Chow (Co-supervisor)

About the Research
This research aims to investigate detailed design interventions in social media that induce users’ responsible behaviours that contribute to social implications, and analyse user experience in how they utilize those interventions to behave in socially responsible ways.

Firstly, this research will identify social implications in previous studies about how social media services such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube function as a social infrastructure and aim to contribute to community. With identified social implications, this study will examine detailed user experience and user interface of categorized design interventions which could support these social implications.

The research questions are as follows:
RQ 1. What social implications do social media help and facilitate to function as a social infrastructure?
RQ 2. Which users’ behaviour and experience could support these social implications?
RQ 3. What are the types of design interventions in social media that induce users’ socially responsible behaviour, and how to?

Research Methodology and Results/ Outcomes