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I draw. I explore. I create.

I am Charlotte :-) 

I am fascinated in colour and mood. I was a kid when fall in love with painting and this relationship still continues. 

I am curious about things around me and I love to explore unknowns. Exploration to me is about action and reaction, it is glad to see how chemical reaction between people and varies materials. I hope to create space that not only for sever need of people, but also to bring in a new sense belonging, to create special and unique among things.


Distortion of touch

//: a journey of exploration in city, humanity and reality.

Touch is our largest sensory system; it facilitates us to explore the surrounding. We are born to touch but also being touch.

Project integrates sense and therapy to provide space for traveler to experience their own sense and body without losing their sight. It has targeted three type of user according to their usage of skywalk. Meanwhile, it suggests the pocket space for the sentic cycles, self-meditation and social use. It invites people to customize their journey with the tactile guidance.

Sensory stimuli and visual tactile suggestion favor in bringing new context to existing, which aim to improve life quality of the re- fabricating city, as well as creating an alternative view for reviewing city life. 

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