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Result-driven, self-motivated and adaptable recent graduate with a logical mindset and strong analytical skills demonstrated with detailed researched and figured project reasonings.

I do believe 'There are more scary things inside than outside.', most of our struggles come from our inner fears.


TRI - Personalised Self-driving Public Transport On HK-ZH-MC Bridge

TRI is a point-to-point public transport designed to connect HK, ZH and MC by a personalised approach. As the bridge is creating a mega-region expansion of a 1-hour-living cycle, increasing rate of daily commuters between these 3 places is expected, by personalisation, daily commuters could enjoy a stress-free riding experience in their most suitable way via app connection.

TRI fuses product with service which aims at delivering a most suitable ride by different personalization offerings in 3 main fields - CONVENIENCE // SAFETY // COMFORT, users could opt according to their specific needs and requirements in a journey.

The interior is designed to cater for both individual and group commuters in which seats could be configured into different positions. With different seat configuration, even in the same compartment, the individual commuter could enjoy undisturbed space and still group commuters could have effective interaction spaces.

Details explanation:

CANOPY EFFECT - The air ventilating canopy could prevent direct sunshine into the car to decrease temperature in the compartment. Perforated holes allow people to look out from the window.

TRADITIONAL CHINESE HORSE CARRIAGE INSPIRATIONS - Taking the concave shape of the traditional carriage as shape inspirations for this public transportation linking HK-ZH-MC, which at the same time serves as a perfect shape for the canopy effect.

VACANCY INDICATOR SCREEN - Front screen is indicating the seat vacancies. When a seat is taken, a hollow circle turns into solid.

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