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I am a design student who enjoys experimentation, craft and the endless pursuit of self-improvement. Trained in both Interactive Media and Graphic Design. I believes that a good design which should communicate with the social and design for the individuals to receive their tailored services at the right place at the right time.


Meal Coach

Meal coach is a nutrition informatics system that connects affiliated restaurants, dieticians, and communities together in order to let you eat well wherever you go. It will generate a menu based on your eating habits; by taking a snapshot on the food ordered, Meal coach can keep track of your nutrition intake, thereby adjusting your diet plan accordingly.

Furthermore, It allows you to find the likeminded in order to turn healthy eating a thriving community. Lastly, Meal coach can work seamlessly with other health informatics systems!

維持健康飲食相信是一個大家面對的難題。Meal Coach 是一個營養信息系統,透過與餐廳和營養師合作,使你能在外出用餐同時也能滿足自己目標的飲食生活。Meal Coach透過你的飲食習慣,定位服務及計算機視覺技術, 確認餐廳並且提供專屬你的菜單;只要拍一張相片便能知道食物的營養及輕鬆地記錄餐飲,方便實行你的飲食計劃。此外,你可以找到志同道合並一起進行飲食計劃,同時Meal Coach亦能支援其他智能健康信息系統,方便取得更多資訊配合你的目標。

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