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As an Industrial Designer in training since 2011, JS has dedicated himself into this profession and explore into various areas of design. 

In his search of being an ethical designer, justification and validation is what he holds onto when designing products. A design is considered beautiful does not purely relies on its aesthetic but also the coherency of every details and choices made by the designer. 

As Jules Verne once said, “All that is impossible is left to be done”. He believes in achieving the impossible yet practical designs. Today, he thirst to perform as an ethical user-centered designer.


PYRON - A self-sustaining rice cultivation vehicle

This project is about a self-sustaining rice cultivation vehicle. It all started with a farming activity called stubble burning. After the harvesting of rice, the field is covered with crop residues as known as hay. In order to clear the farm land for next plantation, farmers use fire to burn the crop residue away. By doing so, they receive benefits such as replenishing the nutrients in the soil, killing weeds and pests, etc. However, such action caused a lot of problems such as air pollution, wildfire, respiratory illness, economical decline and even death.

Governments in various countries had stated law agaisnt such activity. However, private companies are still performing such action that leads to various issues mentioned. As so, as a designer, instead of banning the activity, I will like to encourage them not to perform stubble burning by providing a self sustaining rice cultivation vehicle.

Crop residue and dirt will undergo ‘flash pyrolysis’ process and transform into biochar and biofuel. Biochar will replenish the nutrients and at the same time retain water, the process will kill weeds and pests, and the biofuel produced will be more than enough to power the vehicle for various rice cultivation tasks such as harvesting.

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