Jun Geng

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I have been trained by two thinking methods during the undergraduate period: engineering and arts design. The study in the course of Fundamentals of Mechanical Drawing, Engineering Physics, High Polymer Chemistry, Package Printing and Materials has enabled me to know how to collect the carrier of the design, and how to achieve the concept of the design. In terms of the design direction, I have been influenced by my supervisor, who has studied in France. He made me realize that there were definitely historical reasons behind the changes of the society and the trend of the contemporary design concept and style. Therefore, he asked me to study the module of Design Sketch and Colors for the purpose of appreciating the works of French impressionists and abstractionists. Apart from this module, he also recommended me to learn the course of Format and Logo Design, which allowed me to review the design concept and method of Bauhaus and develop the ability of appreciating beauties. Through learning above courses, I built the primary idea of design and learnt its basic constitution in class, namely plane constitution, three-dimensional constitution and color constitution. These constitutions laid the foundation for my future study in design. I also attended some national design competitions for college students, and won some prizes, making me realize the importance of the design form. After that, I became obsessed in finding excellent design form. However, I noticed some of my works were not recognized by people. Therefore, I suddenly realized that it was not enough to just pay attention to the form since the design not only involved with representation, but also related to deliver message. Otherwise, it would become a kind of art. Then, I started my postgraduate study.