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Hello, I am Josie. 

Treasure everything in my life and never take things for granted, takes me against many challenges like competitions or different nature of projects to explore more out of my comfort zone. Gaining from the challenges and difficulties have build up my confidence and experiences to face for another.

Taking inspiration and insight from surroundings with details have made my projects become fruitful and rich. Always stay hunger for giving numerous design possibilities.

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Infinity 16th Hong Kong Eyewear Design Competition

The design concept of Infinity is inspired by the spectacles worn by China's last emperor Puyi. The appearence of the eyewear is integrated with the symbol of infinity and the round spectacle frame of Puyi in order to express the everlasting style of vintage in every era. It also conveys a message to people who wear the spectalcles that infinite opportunities are abound for those willing to accept new things in a positive way to broaden their horizons.

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50+20 Bench Projects- Seesaw Bench

Students of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design recently formed teams with local rising designers to design a series of eight benches with the core theme of upcycling, echoing the "50+20 Agenda – Renewing Business Education in Asia" Conference on sustainability previously held on 16 & 17 July. The benches, which symbolise conversation and co-creation, provided seats to the conference participants and are now displayed at Jockey Club Innovation Tower, home of School of Design (SD).

The collaborative project was initiated for the "50+20 Agenda – Renewing Business Education in Asia" Conference, co-presented by School of Design, Faculty of Business, and Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative (GRLI). Central to the “50+20” vision is the philosophy of the collaboratory which promotes the concept of co-creating viable solutions on equal terms by different members of a community or stakeholders on a particular issue. In order to visualise and concretise this new paradigm of joint learning, research and problem-solving, the 50+20 vision is brought to life using a circle of benches - collaboratory benches. Supporters of 50+20 are creating and installing collaboratory circles at global locations to inspire dialogues about a shared future. The first collaboratory benches were displayed and used at the RIO+20 Earth Summit in 2012.

A group of students participated in this bench project came from the disciplines of Product Design.  They were tutored by the rising young design talents, KaCaMa Design Lab, The benches were constructed from recycled and reclaimed materials, carpets after exhibitions and damaged tires. The creations in representation of practicality and the philosophy of “50+20” extend an invitation to connect, to talk, and to share.


Tutor: KaCaMa Design Lab

Design Team: Ray Cheung, Ranger Hui, Ivy Tai, Josie Wong

Bench name:  Seesaw Bench

The team got an initial idea of lifting and lowering, and focused on the interaction between people sitting on a bench which acts as a “booster” facilitating interpersonal communication. Then they started to look for tires for its features of bending and rotation. Several car repairing shops gave them the damaged tires and the materials are ready for the making after cleaning and transformation.

Tires do have a dynamic image. When it matches with a see-saw idea, a new meaning is given.

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