Jiaxin Zhang

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BHons – South China University of Technology (China)
MSc – South China University of Technology (China)

Research Title
Understanding and leveraging user characteristics, security features and use context to improve security experience of mobile payment

Dr Yan Tina Luximon (Chief Supervisor)
Dr Clifford Choy (Co-supervisor)

About the Research

Security is usually the secondary task, but it is vital to mobile technologies use. System security is more than just a focus on technologies. Researchers from Human-computer interaction for Security (HCIS) have suggested the need to investigate appropriate secure interactions which emphasizes users’ desires for security functions. Ideally, secure interactions in mobile technologies should be designed for a particular context, which takes the user characteristics, interface features, and use contexts into consideration. However, the HCIS community has investigated few comprehensive guidelines that typically for mobile technologies use. Therefore, this study aims to develop a framework for secure interaction design and takes a special focus on the context of mobile transactions, which involves information security of both finance and privacy.

Design Methodologies and Results/ Outcomes

Mix methods will be used to address these research questions. The project will start with using interview study to explore the factors that influencing perceived security in mobile payment. Then survey will be conducted to collect the quantitative data for investigating the relationships among the factors of perceived security. A diary study will be used to collect the payment events and develop contextual factors. Following that, experiments will be used to manipulate the effects of the key factors on users' perception and behaviors . A design framework will be proposed based on the findings. 


Contribute a more holistic approach to developing security functions for mobile technologies;

Provide insights into security perception and behaviors in mobile payment services;

Develop design framework and guidelines for security functions in mobile techonologies.

Key Publications

Zhang, J., & Luximon, Y. (2020). A quantitative diary study of perceptions of security in mobile payment transactions. Behaviour & Information Technology, 1-24.

Zhang J. & Luximon Y. (2020). Privacy Concern in Mobile Payment: A Diary Study on Users’ Perception of Information Disclosure. In T. Ahram, W. Karwowski, S. Pickl, & R. Taiar R. (Eds), Human Systems Engineering and Design II. IHSED 2019. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing (pp. 1000-1006). Springer, Cham.

Zhang, J., Luximon, Y., & Song, Y. (2019). The Role of Consumers’ Perceived Security, Perceived Control, Interface Design Features, and Conscientiousness in Continuous Use of Mobile Payment Services. Sustainability, 11(23), 6843.

Zhang, J., & Luximon, Y. (2018). Exploring the User Security Experience of Mobile Payment in China. In ACHI 2018, The Eleventh International Conference on Advances in Computer-Human Interactions (pp. 75-80). Rome, Italy: IARIA.