Jiaxin Zhang

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BHons – South China University of Technology (China)
MSc – South China University of Technology (China)

Research Title
Understanding and leveraging user characteristics, security features and use context to improve security experience of mobile payment

Dr Yan Tina Luximon (Chief Supervisor)
Dr Clifford Choy (Co-supervisor)

About the Research
The head-face shapes of children change with age. Previous studies had collected children’s heads dimensions for spectacle frames design using traditional measurement, but they still did not provide a clear standard for children’s spectacle frames design. The related investigations had indicated that 3D models of human can help develop better products. Studies in adults’ head-face shapes and spectacle frames design had been conducted by researchers, but the 3D head-face model of children and frames design is still an unexplored area. Hence, the aim of this study is to explore the relationship between children’ 3D head-face shapes and spectacle frames design and find out the key factors of children’s spectacle frames design, which would be used to provide a better guidance for designers and help develop better products for children.

Design Methodologies and Results/ Outcomes