Jenny Tong

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Nice to meet you:)

I am Jenny,  a new graduate of School of Design 2014 !

Education background:

Bachelor's degree - 

October 2012 - August 2014         Industrial Product Design

To obtain the next level of design and contribute and concentrate in one design industrial within a growth oriented, progressive company. I want to apply my design skills in a detail concerning company.

I am experienced in starting from zero to one hundred, meet deadlines, chasing for improvements. Computer skills included, Illustrator, Photoshop and  Rhino3D. Excellent problem solving and visual communication skills. Winner:The Best of Show in (BA)Hons Industrial Product Design 2014, the Champion of Student Group in the 11th Hong Kong Eyewear Design Competition (The Hong Kong Trade Development Council).

The main summary of my skills is: 

Sketching,    Research,    Mock-up making,        Modeling

Mandarine Speaking,    English Speaking,    Cantonese Speaking



homeRecipe - mobile cooking workshop. This is a social innovation product design for housewives. The users assist themselves to step out of their flats to share their homeRecipe. That’s the reason why they can be able to:

1.    Improve their confidences and be independent

2.    Strengthen the social cohesion between neighbours

3.    Encourage the better off to contribute 

Considering the responsibility to society, as a product designer, it causes me to design a social innovation product. After experiencing the harsh living environments in subdivided flats for research, I found what they’re most care is the most basic issue. I believe food which is a kind of daily need can gather people. In order to catch their awareness, the topic is designed as recipe share. Besides, my neighbours taught me to cook the Chilli sauce when I was living in Sub-divided flat. This inspires me to evolve my idea into designing a cart for making chilli sauce.

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