Jen Yoohyun Lee

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BFA (Hons), Pratt Institute
MA (Merit), Goldsmiths College, University of London

Research Title
A Study on the Relationship between Site-Specific Narrative Elements and Local Regeneration 

Mr. Peter Hasdell  (Chief Supervisor) Gerhard Bruyns (Co-supervisor)

About the Research
While there is an increasing need for local regeneration in Asia, its strategy has kept top-down and Eurocentric perspective, often fixated on economic growth, which has led to gentrification. The core of this research is to take the position of a micro viewfinder; develop a tool model that reflects socio-cultural narrative elements particular to the region to augment local contents in the process of regeneration. Hence, the purpose of this design research is to examine the stance of the precedent cultural approach to local regeneration and develop a holistic design strategy to be adopted for future regeneration projects. 

Research Methodology and Results/ Outcomes