Jacqueline Ko

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After 4 years of product design studies.I've learn skills, technique for making designs, but the main thing I've learnt is how to appreciate things, how it's made, why it’s design. What it's for. I understand my role as a designer in the world.That's why sustainbilities is one of my key values on designing a product.

Ive learn how to design for another person, or things, to step into another's shoes, empathy is my key of innovation. Designer is not just about creative thinking, but also, critical thinking, we are also agents and organizer that links different field together and exert everyone’s ability by our thinking, in order to bring the best design to life.



While experiences in natural environments are most efficient for children to gain awareness of environmental issues, city dwellers like Hong Kongers have little exposure to wildlife. The Let it Bee educational product-system aims at raising awareness of bees’ central role in the ecosystem. By integrating beekeeping into schools’ curricula Let it Bee allows city children to observe, learn about, and appreciate East Asian honey bees’ life cycle and value for the ecosystem while keeping bees and children safe.

Let it Bee is an individually-separated beehive frame system that allows users to observe East Asian honey bees’ habitat from the face of the combs instead of bar ends, through an PE side-window pane mounted on individual beehive frames. Removable individual pinewood frames are mounted on an outdoor metal stand rack, conveniently allow educators to transport individual bee hives from an outdoor stand rack to indoor teaching environments.

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