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You do not always get what you love to do,
but you have to love what you are doing.”

During these two years in PIT, there were many downhills and setbacks in my design processes, but I had overcome all the difficulties with my passion and spirit.I have spent much more time on my works than I usually have. Based on my love on my works, I experienced what is meant by devotion. On the other hand, I come to understand and practise different approaches to design thinking.  I have noticed there are so many details I have missed in my past years.  

I am going to continue making designs that can make myself proud of.



Triport (group project)

Triport is an indoor device for hydroponic planting. It is designed for encouraging the urban farming movement in the society. Triport provides a platform for growing vegetables at home and also be shared among the members in the society. Citizens, therefore, can share their planting experience. It also gives an opportunity for concerned parties to develop a new habit, while the veggie supporter provides convenience for transporting vegetable seedlings from the supplier to the device, as well as transporting the vegetables as a gift. Users can carry vegetables easily and share them with others.


“Triangular structure” and “Transportable” are the major features for this product. Triangular structure makes the product Simple, Strong and Stable. Literally, 'Transportable' refers to the convenience of transporting the vegetables from the device to the outside environment. Another highlight goes to 'stackable'. It is another special feature for Triport. In small cities like Hong Kong, people may not have many places for installing large hydroponic planting system. In this regard, users can purchase a personalized pack for their Triport if they need extra levels

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