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Better Me Bike Helmet

‘Hong Kong isn’t bike-friendly’ is the big challenge of promoting green urban mobility in the city. We need the government to redesign road distribution for bike riders in the urban. By building up the population of bike commuters on the road, we can make noise to the public and persuade government for the action.

However, most of the Hong Kong people doubt about urban cycling and never give it a try. Design strategy of motivating them to achieve target behaviour change includes introducing an urban cycling experience and applying persuasive design in a cycling product.

Freshmen are excited about their new identities and are willing to experience the unexperience. This is the opportunity to give them an urban cycling experience as a freshmen orientation activity - ‘City Hunting by Bike’, which is guided by an application. Better Me Bike Helmet provides protection and turn signal functions to them.

Resolution mode of the Helmet attempts to provide visible progress for specific tasks of the resolution. As a second-order intention, collecting lighting patterns on the Helmet helps people to engage in achieving their first-order intention. Developing user-product relationship enhances their motivation of picking up the ride again in the future.

Supervising Tutor: Kenny Chow

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