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He is Jacky and he likes to question the existing information with communication design and to enhance the general publics ability to be critical towards people and information bias.



contact: jackyhocy@yahoo.com.hk


RE quantitative 無定量

How happy are you? Three out of ten, five out of ten, or a hundred thousand pieces of happiness? In the age of high information flow, we are often stressed out by the overflow of information. Thus, human seek security and reduce our fear through quantifying the overloaded information, such as happiness index, Body Mass Index, Intelligence Quotient etc. We let artificial intelligence do the work, to analyze the world through numbers in order to eliminate unknowns and instability. When we tend to quantify things that might not be suitable for quantification and make decisions according to the numbers, the action is shrewd or blind?

In the field of information design, designers would organize and analyze data collected into information. Information is then visualized into knowledge and wisdom. However, when the data itself is faulty, an error would occur, concerning the accuracy of the information. This project questioned the “quantification” of various surveys happening in the society, raising critical thinking of the public towards the information we receive daily and uncover the mystery behind the word “information”.

你今天有多快樂呢? 三分快樂? 五分快樂? 還是十萬個快樂? 在資訊科技發達的年代,無形的混沌資訊常常壓在我們身上,而人們為了減少對無形資訊所釋出的恐懼,將部分事物數據化和量化,例如:快樂指數、身高體重指數和智商指數等,令人工智能更容易分析整個世界的數據,減少所謂的未知數和不穩定性,作自我安慰。當我們將不能量化的事物量化,再將它變成資訊或作出決策時,這究竟是精明或只是盲目的行為?

在設計過程中,設計師會分析和整理所收集回來的數據,化為資訊。然後再運用 設計元素將資訊化為知識和智慧。但是,當收集的數據本身有毛病時,就會衍生出資訊準確性的誤差。而本設計是針對調查中的「量化」,進而提高普羅大眾對資訊的批判性思考,揭開所有資訊背後的神秘面紗。


Design Method  設計方法   

To Reveal- When the posters are not placed on the lightbox, you can only see the coded color shades and the big grey text on them. You can see the whole picture and the hidden content once you put the posters on the light box. The light box would light up the hidden text and reveal the concept of this project, which functions like an X-ray light box.

展現- 當你將本資訊設計放在燈箱時,你能看到整個設計的隱藏 信息。相反,如你拿起本設計時,你只會看到顏色標籤和灰色的大字。這是仿效X光照片的原理,利用光去展現資訊背後的信息,呈現真相。

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