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Needless to say, roads and streets are an important element of a city. Citizens walk across them every day; and shops and various kinds of businesses rely on them to operate, yet we often have little knowledge on them - it is commonly considered that the name of streets are only labels given to address them without any deeper meanings. The term "name" can be defined as a word or set of words by which person, animal or anything is referred to; and name cannot live without description (dictionary. com, 2017). Therefore, there must be a meaning behind the street names and city development. The project will identify the relationship of streets and its names, and classify a naming system as part of Hong Kong morphology. For the situation in Hong Kong, however, is that names are full of history. They are not only recording the past, but linking people lifestyle in the current days. The approach of the project is to recover the background of some particular streets by the method of collages, and match them up with their current activities. Thus, a narrative space could finally be shown.

Supervising Tutor: Gerhard Bruyns

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