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Tiny Many 尺樹寸泓

"尺樹寸泓" is a Chinese idiom that refers to a small place with beautiful scenic landscapes, which nurtures different kinds of flowers and trees. I think it can somehow symbolises Hong Kong. Despite of the small scale in size, it has a diversity of flora. According to George Bentham, the author of “Flora Hongkongensis”, the little island of Hong Kong is situated on the southern coast of China; on the other side, it connects the western islands of the Indian Archipelago, which nurtures a large total amount of species. As a result, Hong Kong’ s rich biodiversity should be treasured, as it defines the uniqueness of our region.

The objective of this capstone project is to explore and investigate the native plants in Hong Kong. The target audience of this project is the general public, mainly young adults aged between 18-28. This project aims to provide an opportunity for the general public to revalue and appreciate the local nature environment.



Supervising Tutor: Amy Chow

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