Hassan Iftikhar

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BSc. Product and Industrial Design, University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore
Masters in Interior Design, National College of Arts, Lahore

Research Title
University Campus Navigation: A Cross Cultural Study of Signage Understanding in University Campus Navigation Design Using Vr Technology

Dr Tina Luximon 

About the Research
Navigation bears an important role in our daily life. While navigating through different environments, we make many decisions by using the human cognition, memory and human in built intuitive response. During navigation through cities or buildings, we majorly rely on the information access in form of signage, routes, landmarks and spatial information. This topic summarizes the main idea of colour, text and info image coding in navigation design with respect to the cross culture understanding. Disorientation can lead to some serious time losses and create frustration, but little research is available on signage-people understanding in context of cross-cultural impact on cognitive decision-making. In addition to that, the analogies of wayfinding metrics and human wayfinding metrics will be furtherly investigated in this research.

Research Methodology and Results/ Outcomes