Gabriela Ibarra Hernandez

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Proudly Ecuadorian, passionate traveler, adventurous and idealistic. I am an interior architecture designer with a multi-disciplinary approach, able to apply my skills in more than one field. My vision of design focuses less on the product and more on the process, identifying needs and building unique human-centered experiences. I apply Design Thinking and methods to uncover desires for clients and brands in the context they are in. With over seven years of professional development, my work spans different areas that include: customer experience, service design, innovation, research, sales, interior design, branding and entrepreneurship. I have a great capacity to elaborate abstract ideas and understand different currents of thought, guiding interdisciplinary teams to combine talents towards the creation of holistic proposals. Furthermore, as an invited speaker for different workshops and conferences I am able to inspire, teach and transmit information with clear communication. My avidity of knowledge and curiosity keeps alive a strong desire to break through and do things in a different way, participating in creative activities where I can express feelings, imagination and instincts. Currently I am looking to broaden my knowledge into digital transformation and also applying my experience internationally in meaningful projects. 

Expertise: Design Thinking, Customer Experience (CX), Interior Architecture, Service Design, Innovation, Research, Concept Creation, Customer Service, Sales, Branding & Entrepreneurship