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Francis is a designer who focuses on enhancing user life experience by developing spatial alternatives that impact the inherent human perception.

As a fresh graduate of Environment and Interior Design in SD PolyU, he is enthusiastic about landscape and interior design. The possibilities of a space fascinates Francis. With the background of Multimedia study in the previous years, the cross discipline study in design broadened his horizon as well as enhanced his creativity.


AquaGarden, a prototype for future urban garden

Hong Kong urban space lacks community farming space.  People are making new ground for urban farming activities by adapting podiums and roof-top spaces. Could we utilize the local water resources and connect urban gardens as a strong bonding for the development of the future urban farming? Could we make a whole new farmland or parkland at level 1? The village of Nga Tsin Wai near to Kowloon Bay once had a very close relationship with water and farmlands in the old time. Could we recall the memory and connection between water and people to create alternative spatial experience supporting urban diversity?

In 2026, Hong Kong is no longer grey but a city of living green productive gardens. The discrete Garden is connected by footbridges, forming an urban farming network centralized by particular nodes - AquaGardens. 

Footbridge Network


AquaGarden Prototype in Nga Tsin Wai

Site Plan

Each factory building will be a vertical farm while every floor will specialize to produce a single farm product. People make use of the facade, podium and rooftop of residential building for gardening and farming. The podium level walkway system connects the farm gardens and forms a growing web for districts. Water filtration is integrated as a part of the synthetic landscape and the growing web of the walkway system.

AquaGarden is a prototype of the synthetic landscape located in Nga Tsin Wai, which connects the growing web. Water will be collected and filtrated for the growing web from rainwater run-off collected on surrounding hills. The growing web is proposed to cover the Kowloon district making a whole new layer for the city.

Sectional Perspective AA'



Final Year Project
MAN Tin Lung, Francis
EID School of Design, HK PolyU 2016

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