Hau Chi Jenermy FONG

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We compare ourselves to each other all the time, which may trigger bad feelings. In our teenage years, intense biological and psychological evolution occur. Many rapid physical changes happen in the body structure that establish on our body ideal. But this is also the time when we become aware of the society’s gender roles. Teenagers compare to other age groups, are specifically focus on their own appearance. These physical developments may affect their physiological, psychological and also social values, including self-image. Teenagers will develop a strong sense of appearance and inner-self, but prone to low self-esteem due to lack of confidence. This self-image will be constructed by imitating and learning from others, such as celebrities, friends and parents. This is a board game for teenagers from 10 and above to understand and learn about self and body image, and how to deal with related issues. It provides a space for discussion and reflections about self and body image in a relaxed way.

Supervising Tutor: Fung Ho Yin

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