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My team is engaging in advertising, video and music production.

Key features of our service are as follows:

  • Advertisting
  • Short film
  • Event shooting (interview, exhibition, party, workshop, cermony, etc.)
  • Music video
  • Music (composing, mixing and film scoring)


For enquiries, please kindly contact us through:



Position(s): Director, Scriptwriter and editor.


It is frowned upon in Hong Kong for a young person, especially a student to go after a personal dream that does not have career and money at the end of that rainbow. These young people are given one mission and that is to study towards a steady income. Anything else is but a pipe dream. The story is about a teenager Ah Fuey, a high school student who is in a band. He has nothing but music at heart and he tries to find his bearing against the odds of a misunderstanding single mom. The pivotal point comes when one of his band buddy dies and he has to decide on what to do with his life.

對於非物質的理想追求,在香港難以得到接受和認同,尤其是對於求學時期的青年。社會認為他們的首要任務是上學,如果沒有考取好成績,他們純真的理想,在他 人眼中往往變成不切實際的妄想。學生阿魁靠著熱誠,與友人組成樂隊,向著自己的音樂夢努力。但無奈地,得不到母親的認同和隊友的離去,令他要重新決定人生 去向。

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Cooperation Project

SEN RIGHTS 成立於2013年7月, 特教平權旨在維護特殊教育需要者及身心障礙者之平等教育權利;確保他們的人格及身心智

我們的慈善團體註冊編號: 91/13214


Group Project

Member: Xiao Chu Xiang, Wong Sai Chung, Mak Sin Hang, Chau Po Kit, To Yuk Ngai

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