Fajr Mohamed

4 Projects



Modular Housing - Urban Jungle

Low-cost modular housing 

Designed for urban cities ,Portable Modules that can be moved or stored .Designed with a business plan to create more functional and Green system 

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chungking mansion

This video was created As part of ID &BM program by poly u university to study and understand the cultural diversity that is in existence in the chungking mansion . as part of the cross-cultural management studies project .

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The explosion of the baby market gave exponential growth in the sales of Baby products . Some companies have already got its roots deep into the market and gain the market dominance .The project was a collabration between SD and Combi Japan on possible devolopmet in mainland china market.

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3m - Probing the future of technology as physical self-expression

This is the first of the two-phased ID&BM multi-disciplinary project in which you will be asked to identify and extend the search space of an integrated design, business and technological problem or opportunity associated with 3M Company. 

Within these 6 weeks (the ‘RESEARCH PHASE’) of the multi-disciplinary project, we are asked to apply research and analysis methods and/or techniques from design, business and technology perspectives to form the applied context, and ensures that the search space of the problem at hand is expanded to reveal new possibilities for innovation. 

We were introduced to the idea of ‘Frame Creation’ and its methodology at the end of the subject (led by Prof. Kees Dorst from the University of Technology Sydney and Prof. Dick Rijken from the Design Academy Eindhoven), where a THREE days workshop were provided to assist you to familiarise Frame Creation for reviewing and synthesis of your research findings further for design. 

Project supervision will be provided by tutors from the School of Design predominantly, together with representatives from 3M, and tutors from the Faculty of Business within the HKPU.

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