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PhD Researcher
Mohana Das


PhD Title
Post-occupancy Evaluation on long-term care homes for the elderly in a post-pandemic world in Hong Kong: Strategies for health smart homes and home-based consumer health technologies as a public health intervention for independent aging.

aging population, long-term care, social interaction, artificial intelligence, post-pandemic world, post-occupancy evaluation.

Project Objectives

The main aim of the work is to develop a set of evaluative physical design guidelines, strategies and policy recommendations for achieving improved standards of living for the elderly-care homes in Hong Kong that are prepared for the future post-pandemic world. To explore Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) - playing a role in the softer, smarter and more human side of healthcare focusing on the elderly long-term care homes in a post-pandemic world. The influencing factors that can facilitate the implementation of technology for community-dwelling older adults, and provide directions for further technology acceptance research within this specific age group.

The key research questions to be addressed during the study are:

  • How does the indoor environment setting and layout affect residents’ physical and mental health?
  • How do architecture-related design strategies in the elderly-care homes affect residents HRQOL and promote safety against emergency outbreaks like COVID-19?
  • How to integrate healthcare network and care management platform using AI and IoMT to actively coordinate care and information to improve aging in place while reducing ER visits and hospitalizations?
  • To identify possible uses of AI applications that can aid better lifestyle, emotional well being and increased interaction amongst the residents promoting social interaction. What were the design factors that increased/decreased social interaction during the lockdown?
  • What are the preferred settings in the outdoor environment by the elderly people living in high-rise and high-density districts of Hong Kong?


Diploma in Architecture, 2011, Women's Polytechnic, India (Distinction);
Bachelors in Architecture (B. Arch.), 2016, Piloo Mody College of Architecture, India (Distinction);

Laurea Magistrale (Masters) in Architecture & Urban Design (MAUD), 2020, Politecnico di Milano, Italy (Distinction cum lode);

Registered Architect, Council of Architecture (COA, India)- CA/2016/80513

Dr Newman Lau (Chief Supervisor)
Dr Tulio Pereira Dos Santos Maximo (Co-supervisor)

Specialization / Interests
Urban Design, Healthcare Architecture, Universal Design