Bharati Das - PhD. in Design Economics

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Bharati Das 

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Application of Disruptive Innovation in Business Strategies of Companies: Exploring Frameworks that Link Value Creation with User Experience
Business Design Frameworks, Value Chain Creation, Consumer Behavior, Cross-Cultural Management, User Experience, Lifestyle, Disruptive Innovation

Research Abstract
From product-driven customers to customer-driven products, our economy has truly come a long way, choosing open-learning and creativity over profit and social capital. This disruptive business model of eliminating the middlemen and providing a direct, faster service to strengthen the relationships with core customers requires sustainable innovation.
Henceforth, in order to ‘wow’ the users and enhance their product/service experience, creating value in every chain of the ecosystem is necessary. The research conducted by the researcher will focus on the process of creating user experience through innovation and value creation.
Master of Design (International Design and Business Management), The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong (Distinction);
Master of Business Administration (Marketing and Branding), Indian Institute of Management Shillong, India;
Bachelor of Commerce Hons. (Marketing), St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata, India
Chief Supervisor
Dr. Sylvia Liu
Specialization / Interests
Design Thinking, Value Creation, Marketing Management, Branding, Consumer Behavior