Darren Nel

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Bachelor of Town and Regional Planning (TRP), University of Pretoria (Distinction);
M.TRP, University of Pretoria (Distinction);
Registered Professional Planner, The South African Council for Planners

Research Title
A morphological exploration of urban spatial resilience: The case of Hong Kong and Tshwane

Dr. Gerhard Bruyns (Chief Supervisor)
Dr. Christopher Donald Higgins (Co-supervisor)
Prof. Akkelies van Nes (External Co-supervisor)

About the Research
Urban resilience has become more popular in recent years. With numerous cities busy implementing resilience strategies. Many of these strategies are often limited solely to aspects of social or economic resilience and regularly neglect the issues and role of urban form in creating resilience. The UN’s newly adopted New Urban Agenda has brought the aspect of urban form to the forefront of the urban debate, not only in creating resilience but also to facilitate sustainable development.

Yet, the spatial aspects of urban resilience are perhaps the least understood, even though they have the potential to make the largest contribution to the resilience of cities. They are also the elements that are the easiest to observe and measure. It is thus necessary to develop a deep understanding of spatial resilience and what spatial form(s) enable resilience. This study seeks to investigate which spatial elements of cites and configurations thereof contribute to or hinder urban spatial resilience.

Research Methodology and Results/ Outcomes